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Four little swans Choreo- Luz Morante

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Category: Ballet
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Overall rating: 3.1
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#7 memories
i remember doing the dance on pionte.. and faster then what it shows here.. its tiriing! but girls, great job, they did great!
#6 Okay
for all you think their on pointe, THERE NOT !
#5 Well,
They're OK for their age. Seeing as they shouldn't be in pointe shoes yet, they're OK. (I am suspecting those are pointe shoes) Anyway, I would have to hive them a 3 for effort. & for how they performed. They're one time TOGETHER which is hard to do/have.
#4 Good Job!
I agree will TheBallerina, for there age they did well. They absolutely have potential to become excellent performers. Nice!
#3 Cute
For such little ones, this was really good.

#2 no
be on time and point those toes
#1 My eyes is bleeding
Absolutely NO! Kids are cute, please don't ruin their talent!
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