The Art of Pointework Level 3 - Finis Jhung

DESCRIPTION This revolutionary new video shows Michele Wiles, today a critically acclaimed Principal Dancer of The American Ballet Theatre, in real time and slow motion. Each carefully planned exercise is first taught by Finis, then performed by Michele, analyzed in slow motion with detailed commentary by Finis, and repeated in real time. Some exercises feature close-up sections, as well as freeze frames. You'll see all the little details that will make a difference. For instance, you've got to get on the stage, and you've got to get off, and you're either going to have to walk or run, and we can't tell you how many times we've seen pretty dancers galumph on and off stage, as though their pointe shoes were bedroom slippers. Michele shows you how to do it correctly, so your first and last impressions will be memorable. Scott Killian's fresh and fabulous CD music accompanies each exercise. CUSTOMER COMMENTS "Your videos never cease to amaze me. Thanks for sharing so many secrets." - Denise Daniele, Denise Daniele Dance Studios, Brick, NJ "Your life philosophies combined with your dance beliefs have always made my heart and soul sing. Thank you for the passion you hold about dance and movement and for giving us the opportunity to soar -- both physically and spiritually!" - Colleen Murphy, Stage Door School of Dance, East Patchogue, NY "This DVD is an excellent aide for beginning students of pointe, regardless of age. It begins with some easy stretches that provide a safe warm-up for the feet and ankles, and then quickly moves to a series of pliés and relevés which emphasize the importance of smooth rolling foot movements, and correctly positioning the entire body for balance. As the video proceeds, the exercises grow progressively more challenging, demanding increased speed, coordination, and foot muscle strength. This DVD includes both barrework and center floor work, and I found its explanations and illustrations to be extremely helpful." - Carol Garmiza, Adult Student, New York, NY Purchase The Art of Pointework Level 3 DVD at

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