Classic Classes 1: Advanced Beginning/Intermediate Pointe Class

DESCRIPTION Teach it or take it, this class is a beauty. Finis works with the elegant Johanna Snyder of The American Ballet Theatre in a simply structured class on pointe that begins with Finis presenting and showing each barre exercise and then standing by and coaching Johanna as she beautifully demonstrates. In center floor, Finis shows and explains each exercise, Johanna demonstrates, Finis analyzes and coaches, Johanna repeats, and Finis usually gives more pointers. As she puts on her pointe shoes, Johanna shares some professional tips. You will notice that although the exercises are simply constructed and the atmosphere of the class is relaxed and friendly, the work itself is very demanding. As you watch and dance along with Johanna, you will become aware of the finer details that are the hallmarks of professionalism: musicality, correct port de bras, sharp pointes, refined delicacy, and perfect classical line. The révérence alone is reason enough to have this video. You will be thrilled with all the technical and artistic information youre receiving — and now, On Your Toes! CUSTOMER COMMENTS "Finally, I have met someone who explains the mechanics of why and how, and who respects the body for all it can do. Finiss videos and music are a must for every teacher in dance." - Alice Sarkissian-Cadwell, Chair-Head, Dance Department, The Hotchkiss School, Lakeville, CT "Your videos are pure joy. They are so refreshing and inspirational. I cant thank you enough for all the help youve give me through your excellent videos." - Wendy Stein, Dancepower Inc, Old Bridge, NJ "I really enjoy the Classic Classes DVDs since I need to follow a structured class. My schedule does not permit me to make the local ballet classes, which is why your DVDs are so valuable to me. Someone like me can take class from you, Finis Jhung, everyday! What joy and happiness you bring to my heart and spirit." - Sandra Chiodo, Pittsburgh, PA Purchase the Classic Classes 1: Advanced Beginning/Intermediate Pointe Class DVD at http://finisjhung.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=1&products_id=65.

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