The Thinking Dancer: Dancing in the Center - Finis Jhung

DESCRIPTION If you're looking for new ideas for center work or choreography, or just want to dance until you drop, this is it. Finis has choreographed a variety of combinations, some 32 counts, on the elegant Noriko Naraoka. From adagio to grand allégro, from the tango to the mazurka, Finis shows you step-by-step how to dance to the inspiring music of Bill Brown. Noriko then does the dance; Finis analyzes and corrects, and Noriko repeats. Notice how she improves with each correction. Included is a breakdown of piqué and fouetté turns. Now, shall we dance? CUSTOMER COMMENTS "I was in 'Heaven' viewing your work. You are truly unique, creative, and knowledgeable - what a great teacher you are. The likes, unfortunately, every generation gives us so few of." - Mara Meier, Ballet Academy of Charleston, SC "Your outlook and knowledge simply blow my mind! It's awesome!" - Janelle Cosner, A Step in Time, Greencastle, IN Purchase The Thinking Dancer: Dancing in the Center DVD at

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