Intermediate Centerwork on Jumps - The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique Level 4

DESCRIPTION Finis teaches you how to execute connecting movements, or linking steps, such as the glissade and pas de bourrée, so that they become preparations for the little jumps — petit allegro — that are a highpoint of every class. Finis shows each exercise, step-by-step, count-by-count, and then Saige does it. Finis then analyzes and corrects, and Saige repeats it. You know, there's nothing like looking in the mirror and seeing yourself "standing in the air." These exercises are designed to let you do just that. The French call it "ballon." Roughly translated, it means youre going to have more bounce to the ounce! CUSTOMER COMMENTS "This video is exactly what I've need. Jumps have been the hardest for me to learn, and now I see why. I didn't understand the WHAT or the HOW of what I was supposed to do. Finally, I've got the missing piece to the puzzle. I went to class tonight, and after doing your jump video once, and watching it a couple of times, my teacher noticed improvements in my jumps. She said I had good elevation and I was landing much better!! That says it all for me. Your method of teaching really works!!" - Heidi Granberry, Administrative Assistant, Indianapolis, IN "I love your work! My dance school is becoming renowned in my area because of your sage advice. Thank you for putting into words the thoughts I've always believed." - Deborah L. Bianca, Artistic Director Dance Theater of New England, Bridgewater, MA Purchase the Intermediate Centerwork on Jumps DVD at

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