Intermediate Barrework - The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique Level 4

DESCRIPTION Finis gives a barre almost exactly like this when he teaches professional dancers in New York City. It is designed to gently warm up, stretch, and strengthen the entire body. Students say that are ready to do any kind of choreography after theyve done this barre, which includes exercises that students identify as a "Finis Fix," especially his favorite barre stretch that goes from foot work to floor stretches to arabesque pencheé to attitude-arabesque balance on relevé. It releases the body and the mind, and leads you to an easy balance. Finis first shows and explains each exercise in this video, and then the young and talented Saige Miller does it, as Finis stands by, observing, instructing, and coaching. Watch how Saige is able to work without the barre, all the while maintaining correct posture, placement and turnout. This barre does what a good barre should do: it warms you up, reinforces the basics, and takes you forward. And, it gives you a leg to stand on. CUSTOMER COMMENTS "Your videos are the only ones that can still teach me something new and valuable. Our Ballet Conservatory uses its money judiciously to increase our extensive ballet and music library. We have your complete collection on our shelves, and yours are the only videos our students are allowed to view unsupervised. Your recordings are probably the greatest contribution to ballet methodology I have ever seen." - Kelli Ryan, Artistic Director, American Ballet Conservatory, Atwater, CA Purchase the Intermediate Barrework DVD at http://finisjhung.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=29&products_id=56.

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