Centerwork Level 3 - The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique

DESCRIPTION This center class opens up a whole new world of movement! Finis Jhung shows each exercise, Glenn Keenan of The New York City Ballet does it, Finis analyzes and coaches, and Glenn repeats. The class begins with slow exercises that teach you how to move "de côté" (sideways) while constantly changing feet and direction. You'll perfect your pas de bourrées dessous (under) and dessus (over). You'll develop balance and strength as you learn to relevé in passé and arabesque. The waltz step (pas de valse) teaches you to articulate your steps and develops correct alignment and balance. You will develop movement skills that allow you to change feet quickly, even as you switch directions and turn around. Your elevation work includes petit pas de chats, changements, sissone simple, and échappé sauté. After you've mastered these centered exercises, you'll find you've gained strength, speed, and range of movement. To dance is to live. CUSTOMER COMMENTS "Your Level 3 Centerwork DVD is amazing! I only wish I had found it before I purchased DVDs of other teachers and classes which were of no help to me at all. I learned more in the first few minutes of from you than I did in the other three DVDs combined!" - Lindsay Francis, Winfield, WV "My classes are beginning to be transformed by the wonder and joy of dancing from the heart and soul. I am so sorry that I came upon your instruction so late." - Karen L. Watkins-Westebbe, Bright Lights Performing Arts Studio, Chesapeake, VA Purchase the Centerwork Level 3 DVD at http://finisjhung.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=31&products_id=55.

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