Barrework for Advanced Beginners - The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique Level 2

DESCRIPTION As Finis Jhung often says in class, "you either stand up, or you fall. You either balance, or you don't. It all comes from the way you do your barrework." As you do this carefully constructed and minutely detailed barre, Finis frequently asks Kelley Waddell of The American Ballet Theatre (and you) to see if she can continue doing an exercise with her hand off the barre. Sometimes, he asks her to check and see that shes not sitting back on her heel, because he wants her to feel shes always ready to move from that position. Kelley works at a portable barre which has been placed in front of the mirror, because Finis thinks it's very important to learn to see what he sees, so that you will eventually be able to correct yourself as you work at the barre. Throughout each exercise, Finis is right at Kelley's side, providing directions and corrections. Go beyond the positions and the terminology - learn to move! CUSTOMER COMMENTS "My husband and I are thoroughly enjoying your DVDs. We are both mathematicians who have been dancing swing, lindy hop, and the tango for years. Were ages 53 and 63, and are serious, dedicated students. Our ballet teacher pointed us to your DVDs, and now we have become addicted to ballet! Your thorough and logical discussions motivate our left brains, while the beauty of dance and movement keep our right brains always craving more. Were making tiny (but happy) baby steps in our understanding of the dance. Many thanks for your excellent instruction." - Patricia Lamm & Sheldon Newhouse, Professors of Mathematics, MSU, East Lansing, MI "This perfectly supplements my class work, and your continual instruction throughout has sent my understanding of ballet technique soaring like a grand battement. Thanks, Finis!" - Ina Yalof, Adult student, Quechee, VT "This video is full of valuable information for both teachers and students of any level. The commentary and corrections given by Finis are a great resource for understanding the fundamentals of barrework. I highly recommend this video!" - Charisse Craft-Barry, Dancer and Teacher, Houston, TX "I'd like to give you my perspective on your DVDs, which I regard as the most powerful learning tools available to today's ballet student. Although I deeply appreciate the teacher's corrections in my weekly adult ballet class, I feel that I'm able to learn more when I work solo with your DVDs. The problem is that when I'm in class and watch the demonstrations of the barrework and center work, my inability to remember the movements still throws me into a low-key panic. Because of my poor memory, I need movement models to follow, so I still have to find a place at the barre between two more competent dancers. Since I'm following rather than initiating the movements, I end up feeling like a failure as the class moves on to the next exercise and the demonstration once again throws me into a low-key panic. On your DVDs, each exercise is thoroughly previewed before being demonstrated, which helps address my learning limitations. What I find even better, though, is the rewind/replay option the DVDs provide. If I'm not happy with the quality of my movement, I can take as much time as I need to practice it, and to refine it. On the other hand, since there's no rewind/replay option in a live class, I rarely attain the satisfaction of a decent level of mastery. In short, your DVDs allow the luxury of self-pacing, which, for me at least, is the key to success." — Ian Jackson, developer of the Acousticoaching™ CDs for the ballet-inspired BreathPlay System -- the power behind Olympic medals, world records, and world championships. (www.BreathPlay.com) "Been working with your DVDs for the past two weeks and it has changed me. I have been more focused and aware during my ballet classes and in everyday life. I love how you explain and teach the movements in sequences and it has slowed me down to really think before I dance the move. Even my pointe work is getting better. Keep making the ballet world bigger and better!" —Stasha Becker, US Army Europe I'm proceeding very carefully and slowly in 'rehab-ing' my sprained ankle with your barre videos. The detailed way that you work the feet and our weight is having a really good effect on my foot. I am so grateful! After I do just those 5 exercises, my foot starts to feel more pliable and alive again. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING ALL THESE RESOURCES AVAILABLE TO US! With Gratitude," —Polly Bloomberg, Berkeley, California Purchase the Barrework for Advanced Beginners DVD at http://finisjhung.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=1&products_id=52.

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#1 :D
This dancer is so good!!! But why does she almost do a body roll when she comes up from the front por de bra?
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