My December

With only 3 & 1/2 years of training... Constructive comments welcome & appreciated.

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#5 good
this is good but next time do a more difficult dance this is good but it could have been better
#4 lots of promise
You have a nice extension, great emotion and musicality. Develop the flexibility in your chest and ribs more and keep those shoulders relaxed. Excellent for 3 yrs training.
#3 nice
The only thing I would critique is that when you run somewhere, don't forget you are a dancer so be graceful and in my opinion (others disagree) I think that your chest should lead you when you walk, run, etc. But you are really good :)
#2 good
i Think your really good for only 3 years of training!! keep up the hard work girl and youll be brilliant in no time!! just straighten your supporting legs on your pirouettes :o]
#1 just
think how great you'll be in 6 1/2 years. great job. just try not to jerk your moves so much.
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