The Arabesque

The arabesque: one of the most beautiful, delightful, and complicated parts of the ballet syllabus. Done correctly, it can be a joy to perform as well as to watch. Done incorrectly, it can cause injury and damage the line of the dancer. This video will illustrate the correct way to perform an arabesque, as well as strategies for preventing injury. Nutcracker photos by Jack Hartin.

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#2 Here's a question.
Thanks for the wisdom.How does this technical approach relate to going into arabesque from a developpe?Since the knee must rotate into a turned out position, how does one allow the femur head to be in proper position? In other words, how do you keep turned out but still allow the femur to be where it needs to be for a higher arabesque???
#1 thank you!
wow this actually really helped my understanding of executing a proper and less strenuous arabesque! thank you!
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