Title of Piece: HeartBeat Music: Stop and Stare by One Republic Genre: Lyrical, Modern Dancer: Kasse Choreographer: Kassandre Renee *showcase of beginning - intermediate lyrical choreography for my students

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Overall rating: 4.8
Votes: 96
464 points


check out Kassandre Renee @
#7 Thank You!
thanks to everyone for their love and support! ~Kasse
#6 stop voting
should not vote for yourself and u werent even that good
#5 almost perfect...
with the exception of the broken line while in the splits (your front foot turns in just a bit) it was very lovely, thank you for sharing
#4 amaziiiiing!
Kasse, watching you dance inspires me on the deepest level. I am so proud you are putting yourself out there and showing everyone what you are worth. In person, you made my eyes water, and no one else has gotten a reaction out of me like that, especially a solo. Great job and keep doing what you love!

#3 good luck!
i love my sister!!!
#2 to teenten:
teenten: i dont know what makes you think im doing that... and not that i need to explain myself to you but i actually happen to have a very large following of family, friends, co-workers, employers, students and parents who love and support me whole heartedly... so maybe instead of bashing me you should be doing something positive and constructive for whoever it is you are on here for...
#1 again stop voting
you should be training not voting for yourself
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