This is me en pointe. I haven't been en pointe for very long (only about a year I think,) so constructive criticism is welcome! I'm very sorry about the awful lighting!

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#10 lighting?
it's hard to comment on something you can't really see? if you make more videos make sure they are lighted correctly.
#9 the lighting is really difficult to see
need better lighting
#8 what?
i could do that and listen to that it's so loud (times 10)
#7 Plie
Your knees and feet are rolling forward in your plies. think about having golf balls under your arches and push those knees to the side. you may need to turn in just a tad until you have the strength to hold that turnout and keep your pinky toes on the floor at the same time. and be careful bout hopping onto pointe. Great job! keep working! XOXOX -RaeBallerina
#6 awesome!
hey girl you're turnout is much better than mine i haveto say, and one critique is to "roll up" when going into releve in fifth, but dont worry you are doing great!!

#5 Keep it up
good job...but i do suggest that you close all the way back to fifth position when you tendu. also, don't roll on the balls of your feet in any of your plies.
#4 Very good.
Watch for releves and sous-sous's, because I definitely saw [and heard] you hopping onto those sous-sous's. Bad, but you can fix it if you work on it. If you have an american teacher, she/he will most likely teach you to roll through until you are en pointe. If he/she is russian, he/she will most likely teach you to 'pop' up onto pointe. Pop means to not roll through demi-pointe at all to reach full pointe. You use your toe strength a lot more when you 'pop'.
#3 Pointe
You are doing a great job. Your shoes look a bit too large for you. Shoes that are too large will negatively affect your technique causing you to hop, instead of rolling, up into sous-sous. They will also cause injuries. Find someone who knows how to fit pointe shoes and get a new pair. Make sure they are snug but not painful when you plie in second position. When on pointe, you should not have too much material bagging at the heal.
#2 nice job
you are doing very well just try when you come in plie to really cross your fifth
#1 Good work :)
Not bad for only being on pointe @ a year. It looks (even though the lighting is difficult) as though you have strong feet & legs, be careful not to 'hop' onto sous-sous, you want to pull up through your feet. Keep working on it - it is a very common error when learning pointe, but one to address quickly because you will need that strength & technique for more difficult combinations and steps. Best of luck!
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