Mrs. Luz Teaches Fondue

mrs.luz teaches fondue

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#11 laugh
Good teacher uses to have good students. kids laugh also if they don't inderstand. Please. She has nothing for me to talk about. No more comment.
#10 Instructor
Even though I am in professional division, Diane Van Schoor, ballet principal of Royal Ballet School,white lodge,in London Ross Alley of Royal Ballet for over 30 years dance accompanist and Raymond Lukens , artistic Associate of the ABT. All their classes are so much fun, we enjoy their classes and their instruction are wonderful. Especially pointe classes, they will use the explaination than nobody couldn't understand. For sure, I shouldn't use the World Famous Ballet Instructors to compare with Ms. Luz.
#9 !
wow i think a good dance teacher that teaches young less exprienced dancers should make there students laugh while teaching an important lesson like this. its very important to learn fondues. and the kids are not going to understand it if you are talking seriously and acting like you are teaching 25 year old professionals! and you did excellent!! you had fun with the kids and once i heard the litle ones laugh i was like shes an awesome teacher!!! kids lovee instructors that will make them laugh!
#8 I wish she were good
be a responsible and qualified teacher. dancegirl123, your team were pretty good.:)
#7 ok
sorry i just think no one should be so rude like that but sorry i didnt mean to make anyone mad i think she looks great

#6 comment
I think we all learn from mistakes. As a dance teacher should take serious what he/she teaching. A qualified teacher shouldn't push the little ones to do what they are not ready to do- on pointe.Very dangerous and will extremely affect their growth. Royal is one of the teacher in The Royal Ballet. He taught so many world famous dancers before. Don't insult The Royal Ballet. If anyone cannot accept 'comments', please don't post the video out.
#5 I think
it is a very good video and no one should disirespect this teacher!!think about it would you disrespect yours!!!!and if you would then maybe you should not be a dancer because dance is all about be able to control yourself physicaly and mentaly!!!!REPLYING TO ROYAL
#4 Really Awful!!
Mrs Luz, You are not young anymore, it must be a joke! Are you really a dance teacher? Very insulting!
#3 your moms
company haha.
#2 Fondue?
In ur fondue derriere ur supporting leg turned in while u were trying to turn out the working leg. Focus more on the supporting first. U have a slightly swayed back even when ur not trying to do the fondue incorrectly. And the first fondue in a la seconde ur hips are uneven and u r relying on the barre to support ur weight. What company were u in when u were a prima ballerina?? I'm very curious.

#1 people
should vote on this. because this is luz morante. prima yes this is a funny and educational video. vote now. YOU WILL GET COOKIES.. haha no just kidding.
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