BellyDance Improv

Title of Piece: BellyDance Improv Music: Ringa Ringa by A. R Rahman feat. Alka Yagnik and Ila Arun Genre: BellyDance, Improv, Freestyle Dancer: Kasse

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Event: 2009 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
Category: General
Keywords: kasse kassandre renee dance dancer ringa ringa bellydance hip hop improv booty
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Overall rating: 4.3
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check out Kassandre Renee @
#9 thank you!
thanks to everyone for their love and support! ~Kasse
#8 sweet...
i like yo style
#7 whoa!
hot stuff! definately like that youre doing something different most of the videos on here... keep up the beautiful work!
#6 jealous!
i wish i could move like that!!! youre amazing!!!

#5 That's my girl!!
You did a fantastic job on this piece! I'm very proud of you!! -love Mom
#4 my (baby)girl
yo, my fiance's gonna smash this and believe in you so much and would do anything for you, but you did this all on your own kasse, thats my lovely lady and i'm so Hunter's taking over!
#3 =]
#2 good luck!
#1 yay u.....
c i told ya ... it will work... love ya...
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