Performed by Elise Pacicco, Fancy Feet Dance Studio, Matthews NC. Choreographed by Justin Mann.

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#12 stop on a dime
Absolutely love this. So beautiful. Definitely my favorite part is in the very beginning after her pirouettes she just stops. Never even saw it coming. Phenomenal. You have true talent, Elise. You will definitely go far. My love to you and your family. Miss y'all! <33
#11 elephants
awesome dancer and technique. A joy to watch
#10 Elephants
Awesome, as always, Elise Marie!!!!!!!!!!! Poetry in motion! Outstanding creativity and artistry!
#9 Bravo!
What style! What technique Elise! Gives me goosebumps every time I watch you. WHAT A DANCER, couldn't ask for more.
#8 fraiovi
Bravissima Elise! Frosolone fans club

#7 elephants
great job!
#6 pretty GOOD!!!!!
awesome but why is it called 'elephants'?
#5 marriage
i want to marry elise after watching this dance...
#4 Breathtaking...
I think I've watched this video 10 times now and it's amazing each time!
#3 elephants
Beautiful! It is such a pleasure to watch you dance. :-)

#2 elephants
Love the way you dance Elise
#1 elephants
Beautiful dancer and great choreography!
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