Kat Wildish Repertory Workshop - Kingdom of the Shades

Renowned ballet teacher Kat Wildish's adult students at The Ailey Extension Program in NYC perform the famous "Kingdom of the Shades" scene from "La Bayadere." These dancers are open level students who range from former professionals to bankers, administrators, stay at home moms, actresses, and every real person in between Performed as part of the Performing in New York Showcase in August 2009, which allows adult students, who may otherwise not have the opportunity to perform, the chance to do so alongside professionals in a real theatrical setting.

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#3 Beautiful individually
I love each of your arabesques.I would love to see you all move as one entity instead of dancing separately.You are all such talented dancers.It takes a while to learn to how dance insink with an entire corps de ballet.I would love to see you elongate your moves as though you're savoring them.Dancing as though you are savoring each move is part of what makes you irresistable to an audience.Enjoy yourselves rather than hurrying through one move to get to the next.Otherwise, it's just repetition.
#2 La Bayadere
This is part of a full length ballet called La Bayadere. In large-scale productions, the ballerinas or "shades" come down ramps and it really looks spectacular. I think its so repetitous because its supposed to mesmerizing.
#1 Pretty
I'm not sure if this is a classical ballet and that's how it was coreographed so if it is ignore this comment. I thought there was a little too much repetition. It got a little boring, well really boring in the beginning, however the costumes were beautiful and there were lots of woman in the dance that were beautiful ballerinas.
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