cool dance!

Kelsey Kincaid doing lyrical choreography by Melissa Medina at Broadway Dance Center.

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Overall rating: 4.4
Votes: 8
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#8 awesome
that was really good! great job
#7 BDC
Broadway Dance Center has awesome classes ... I go there a lot. Good job Kelsey!
#6 Great
Good choreography and great dancers. Good.
#5 amazing!!!
i absolutly love his dance!!! you can see from the video that you really cared about your movement and how much you concentrated in this peace- great job- From : calico dancer
#4 Great Job
love the energy, emotion & choreo!!

#3 Nice
You are a really good dancer and I loved the dance!
#2 song
"before it's too late" goo goo dolls thanks
#1 Pretty
I loved the dance! What song was that? I liked it lots...
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