Hayden Hopkins 11 years old Allegro Performing Arts Academy Choreography by Tiffany Miles Brooks Starpower Nationals Las Vegas 2009

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Event: Dance Spirit Future Star of the Month
Category: Performance
Keywords: Lyrical solo starpower Hayden Hopkins
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#16 god i love this dance....
Man, hayden, you really shined in this dance. The emotion was incredible and the costume was so pretty. Very beautiful choreo as well.
#15 for dancer10196
i totally get you.. she does seem to be wearing a bit much make up i maen she's 11, she is amazing though
#14 breath taking
truly an amazing dancer with a great technique!;)
#13 SHINE!
You absolutely shine on stage! Keep up the hard work as you truly have what it takes!! SHINE ON Hayden!
#12 You Inspire Me
I am unable to compete for numorous reasons, and i often get mad over it. but your dancing and this song make me remember that im a great dancer just where i am. and perfect moment too :) keep dancing!

#11 go hayden!!
amazing dance:) you're a rockstar!!
#10 Beautiful job
Hayden you're amazing. If you're this good at 11 then I can't wait to see you at 18! Good Luck:)
you're amazing! great job:)
#8 amazing!
you're so gifted. Good luck you deserve it!
#7 Definitely a Future Star
At 11 years old, your emotional commitment is wonderful! There were some control issues, but rarely. I think you are amazing!

#6 beautiful dancer
brava!! future star for sure!!
#5 amazing
so amazing!
#4 that's not what i meant
that isnt what i meant wen i asked those questions. i was just pointin out some things i noticed and distracted me. she is a wonderful dancer, the dances she does are wonderful she makes them wonderful with her tecnique. i was just pointing out wat i thought was distracting to me. i wasnt critisizing her i was just pointing out waht i think would ahve made it better. i was just trying to help. i am a very curious person
#3 how about commenting on the dance?
Why do you care if she shows her stomach? What does her make-up have to do with the dance? I also noticed that you commented 2 times about how skinny she was on her other video.. LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE HAS A CASE OF THE GREEN EYED MONSTER!! Wonderful job Hayden. Dancers come in all shapes and sizes - you're just lucky to be a tiny one. Beautiful costume, Beautiful dancer.
#2 ur great
u r great dont get me wrong, but i just want to know why this girl never has any costumes that cover her entire torso. she has a great stomach and all that, its just that i dont get why she always shows it. she also wears a lot of dark eye make up. i totally get the stage make up and all that, it just seems like she wears so much that you can't see her eyes. She is a wonderful dancer, just wanted to point out some questions i had. Kepp dancing!

#1 WOW!
Fabulous technique and BEAUTIFUL dance!
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