Swan Lake

The Last Part of their Jeté presentation chesca and her three friends.

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#5 a good effort
a good effort however when you were all dancing together you werent keeping together in time of the music, so that needs to be worked on. But well done for trying keep at it.x
#4 Okay
The girls in this video need to get all the way on pointe.I think they need some seriouse point classes to work on their pointe technique. The boys need to have more confidence and make sure there shoulders are not next to their ears. all four dancers need to make sure that their feet are always pointed and they are not stepping on their heels. That is the most horrible thing any dancer can do. It is so ugly to when your stepping on you heels it takes away from your lines. I think the girls need alot of work and the boys have got alot more potential then the girls.
#3 arms and head
i think if you would stretch your arms a bit more and press your shoulders down it would look better. try to make your head sharper too. it looks like you're uncertain about where to put it. try to stay more together, too.
#2 Nice
I don't know "madders" why she couldn't realize that music is from Swan Lake ActI. What they dance was from some pieces from Royal Ballet. I guess they are just some Dance studio students. Thet are pretty good if they are not professional.
#1 hrmm.
Well, I don't remember any of that music from Swan Lake. And you don't really look like you're ready to go on pointe yet. I mean, I don't know if you've been doing it for ten years or not, but in this, it did not look like it. The guys on the other hand were great. Their extensions and lines were very nice. A tip; try to stay together. you four look horrible when you don't stay together. I don't know if you count or just follow music, but it did not look like either. Sorry if this sounds rude.
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