DPHS Dance Magnet Sophomore Shannon M. choreographed this group piece for end of year show 2008. This is the dress rehearsal. She loves contemporary ballet and loves to choreograph! More choreography coming!

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#4 Very good
it looks kinda hard and like they practiced a lot good job !!! :)but they do need to show a little more passion
#3 good
the costumes, music, and choreography were great! The only thing that would have made the dance perfect, was together-ness. It could have been a lot more precise if the dancers were together, but it was a rehearsal, and i know how hard it is to stay with the others, especially if their on the wrong counts. (i don't know if they were or not, but it was good)
#2 i love these costumes
watch each other and your spacing. turn out a little more in your passe
#1 great! =)
great dance and great choreography but the dancers need to let go a little bit more. let the dance take over and use more groundedness (plie)
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