Breathe Me Solo

I am Dania Vizzi, I am 14 years old and this was my 2008-2009 Lyrical Solo!!! I loved it!!!

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Event: 2009 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
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#25 Breathe Me
That was awsome!! I wish I could extend like that. I loved the scorpion.
#24 Breathe Me
What more can I say but BEAUTIFUL!!! Keep up the good work. It might be hard, but it will reward you if it's in your heart.
#23 Breathe Me
Dania, you are a truely beautiful dancer and the costume is awesome!!
#22 Dania Awesome
Dania, you are so beautiful. May all you dancer dreams come true!!
#21 Breathe Me
Dania, you are a fabulous dancer and very beautiful. I believe you are truly a winner. Get'em girl, you got it.

#20 Breath Me
You are wonderful to watch! Good luck!!
#19 nice
long legs!!! Great potential...
#18 Breath Me
What a beautiful graceful dance. Dania you are beautiful!
#17 ;)
you re a beautiful dancer...
#16 Breathe Me
Absolutely beautiful.....loved watching you dance!

#15 Breathe Me
You did such a fantastic job!!
#14 Dania Vizzi / Breathe Me
I can't get over how flexible you are. I don't see many girls pull up a scorpian like that at your age. You must practice your flexibility as much as your dance. Your extensions and your lines are great. You could kick a little higher on your fouettes but other than that, PERFECT !! In my studio, you would be one of the top dancers, and we are in the top 50 in the US. Keep up the good work Dania (what a pretty name).
#13 Breathe Me Solo
Dania Vizzi, you are a beautiful dancer. Your choreographer must be so proud with the way you executed your moves. The scorpian was PERFECT!!Your lines are right on. At only 14, I can tell you work hard at something you must love. Keep it up. I hope to see more of your dance in the future.
#12 Dania - Breathe Me
The whole dance is beautifully done. I love the choreography which shows your flexibility and grace.
#11 Breathe Me
Spectacular! Hard work does pay off. Blessings to you!

#10 Beautiful Dancer, very impressive!
Keep dancing you have a true talent. Beautiful extentions and lines at only 14, Wow can't wait to see you when you are older. Keep it up, you are good!
#9 Breathe Me
You give such a heart felt performance..Very good extensions, costume was perfect. I loved it..
#8 Breathe Me
You give such a heart felt performance..Very good extensions, costume was perfect. I loved it..
#7 Breathe Me!
Go Dania!!!!
#6 Breathe Me
Great job!!!

#5 Breathe Me
#4 Breathe Me
I love watching you dance. You are so graceful and beautiful. I bet you can shoot good too!!
#3 Breath Me
You are beautiful to watch! May all your dreams come true Dania! You deserve it!!
#2 Breathe me
Dania, u are such a beautiful dancer u deserve to win
#1 Breathe Me
Dania, you are such a beautiful dander. Keep up the hard work.
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