Trailer for EMPAC Dance Movies Commission Body/Traces

Body/Traces is a single-channel video installation that examines the body and representation through the interaction of three dimensional media, movement, sound and environment,constructing a dialogue between the language of movement and perception.  During our process we addressed the questions: What happens to the body in motion when it becomes a still image? And what becomes of that image when it is returned to the moving body whence it came?     The project explores in particular the female body and the unstable representation of body image and identity through both visual media and structured improvised movement—in the space where images become alive and what is alive becomes idle—illuminating the physical presence and disappearance of the body.  This process uses fragmentation and reconstruction to examine the physical function and limitations of the body to create a series of traces left by the dancer’s body in space.  The initial investigation for this project began with Lisa documenting weekly movement phrases revealing the enduring process of self-examination and metamorphosis.  These video sequences were then sent to Sophie where she and  dancer, Tina Vasquez continued the process by re-enacting movements of the video recordings in stop-motion, scanning each pose with a DIY 3D laser scanner, then processing and rendering the scanned images in 3D Studio Max.  Lisa then took the 1000 2D images and reconstructed the 'choreography' by animating the image sequences in Final Cut Pro where it became movement once again, but in a much altered form.  The results are an imperfect document of the traces left by the dancer’s body in space; an abstracted record of the motion of the body at a specific point in time . Sawako Kato, sound composer, created a sound score by recording field sounds of the EMPAC building and moving bodies within the space, focussing on the interaction between bodies in motion and the environment.   The final audio is a collage that weaves together industrial spatial sounds with sounds of the body moving. Title: Body/Traces Year: 2009 Running time: 6 mins 40 seconds Choreographer: Lisa Parra Co-directors: Sophie Kahn & Lisa Parra 3d scanning & animation: Sophie Kahn Editing: Lisa Parra Sound: Sawako Kato    3d technician: David Barrett-Kahn                                  Dancers/Performers: Lisa Parra & Tina Vasquez

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