This is a modern dance, a narrative of Longfellow's the song of Hiawatha.

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Overall rating: 4.0
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#29 okay......
Okay you r so good but what kind of song is this?
#28 adorable
this is so cute
#27 OMG
u are so cute if u do that dance for like talent show u are sure to win and all the moves u do in that i can't even do and im actually 11 on my frinds so OMG u are so GOOD!!!!!
#26 beautiful
you are a beautiful dancer! this video was really refreshing from the fast paced and seemingly all the same competition solos! keep up the good work!
#25 cool
i like it its diff but odd yet COOL!!!!!!and i agree where did the hits come from its not right but oh well you did good and thats what matters have fun danceing and GOOD LUCK!!!!!! :)

#24 Original!
Nice, refreshing and new!
#23 Why so many views...
Perhaps we are all curious because otherwise I do not understand.
#22 ...
i agree with master tapper.. 353,297 views??? mhmmm
#21 :)
the technique is really good i would love to see more of your dances. the idea was very unique.. maybe a little bring though.
#20 Wow...Wow...Wow
over 350,000 hits, and only 19 comments...first i have to say this is a mystery video to me. i have yet to figure it out. the very first day it was posted, it had well over 200,000 views. how can that be? i don't even think hitting the refresh button in one day could have added up to that. something is definitely fishy about this one. a very nice routine indeed, but not amazing.

#19 Humm
Neat idea. Your very talented for your age. keep it up!! :)
#18 okay
I didn't really like the dance but maybe the song just wasn't my thing. You did a great job but I thought you should have been more sharp. Good luck!!
#17 its
not my favorite. the choerography just isnt that great i agree .. where did all of the views come from??
#16 it kind of weird
but she did great!!! i guess modern is just not my type
#15 Great!
Love the idea of it and it is mordern. Its unique. It should have been more fluid and some of the moves didnt match what the song said at times. But great job!

#14 Who's hitting the refresh button??
Looks like someones mom is working overtime hitting the refresh button! Not my favorite. Really sloppy. There's NO WAY 350,000 people sat through this. The dancer is very cute, I'm just not feeling it. Good luck.
#13 Amazing!!!
I only wish the choreographers had done more for this young rising star.
#12 I like the idea.
But the dancer wasn't that good - sorry. Not enough control or technique. Even the moves that showed flexability weren't great. I do like the idea of this, but I woud enjoy it more advanced young dancer.
Your routine is totally awesome, what grace and poise you have!! Keep up the great work, you have a very promising future!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!
#10 Wonderful!!!
Dear Pavlina, You are a very talented dancer who shows great promise!!! Anne

#9 Wonderful!!!
Pavlina, you perform with incredible talent and flexibilty! You are cute and young, yet you are professional. Should you keep practicing, I see a promissing future ahead of you! Great job!  Rula
#8 Interesting.....
Very interesting! Your teacher has nice coreography skills, your very lucky. You did a good job - I wish it was a little more fluid and not so 'jerky' (not calling u a jerk!), the movements could have flowed, otherwise I would have given you a 5.
#7 asd
Wow, I'm 18, but I wish I was this good.
#6 @_@
haha how old ru cuz this is relly good
#5 wow
you really are incredible

#4 nice
you're really good for being so young
#3 cool!
good luck!!
#2 super!
this must have taken a lot of time. the technique is awesome!
#1 WOW!!!
Amazing! I love how this modern dance is so different and original! It's a breath of fresh air compared to all of the others I've seen.
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