The Flowers - Hayden Hopkins

Hayden Hopkins 11 years old Allegro Performing Arts Academy West Coast Dance Explosion Nationals 2009

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Event: Dance Spirit Future Star of the Month
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#8 hmmm
I've watched Hayden for a while and her skinny build is natural, and she looks just fine. But I do think that some of her dances are a tad too mature for her age. Don't get me wrong, she's an AWESOME dancer. Much better than me. I just think she should represent her age a bit better. She'd still be the same awesome dancer in my opinion.
#7 careful
you guys need to be careful when commenting on peoples weights you nerev know the background story but you aer an amazing dancer
#6 quit writing about her weight!
she's not to skinny!!! she's just built that way. she's amazing and you know it!
#5 wow!
shes xtremely flexible...and i dont think shes 2 thin....she 11...
#4 I agree...
she could gain a couple of pounds, but other than that she is an amazing dancer. Especially for being 11 years old.

#3 me again
i wasn't saying she wasn't good, she was and she's a very good dancer, i'm just sayin, she kind of looks a little too thin in this dance and costume
the girl is 11 years old..she doesnt look sick, she looks like a tiny 11 year old. hayden you rock, dont you dare stop dancing because you are FIERCE, i cant imagine what you're gonna be like when you're older. keep it up girl!
#1 ok...
dance was interesting, song choice, kind of strange, very flexible and good dancer, but costume and dance made dancer look incredibly thin and sickly. not the best song choice and dance for given dancer, maybe a more thinkly built dancer might have made it a little bit better, but she looks incredilbly sick
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