Twas the Night - Kristen Corkum Choreography

1st Place Overall Winner, 2nd Place Choregraphy at Dancers Inc. Nationals 2009. Choreographed by Kristen Corkum at the Rosita Lee Dance Center.

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#4 very unique and refreshing
chill out betty 23! SWilkonson was just giving her opinion! I absolutely love this dance because I am tired of watching girls who throw their legs up in the air, hold it for five minutes, and call that dancing. These girls show PASSION for what they do and the occasional spacing mess up did not matter one bit to me. This dance is quite refreshing to watch because it is so incredibly different. :)Most competition dances look exactly the same to me..but this one had elements in it I've never seen before. Kudos to the choreographer and dancers!
#3 dance
If you feel you have to defend this piece then something must be wrong with it! You are offended by the truth. It may have won something but that doesn't make it great. Your comment ruined this dance for me! And I AM a dance enthusiast!
#2 Are you joking, jjandfred?
The spacing, timing and general unison of this performance, were all perfect. A little off you say? The only spacing issue I see is the lack of one between "a" and "little" in your comment - pot calling the kettle black, if you ask this dance enthusiast. Simply a wonderful, joyous, and riveting, piece of dance. Encore, I say! Much love, S. Wilkonson
#1 spacing
alittle off, pretty cool though
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