Kitri (Act 1)

Chesca Dancing Kitri (act 1) at 12 years old...

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#5 good job!
I'm doing this variation this year for yagp and I'm wearing a costume sort of like that so your wearing the right thing. You did really good! The only problem was at the very beginning you were anticipating the music, but since I'm doing this variation this year I know how hard it is to dance it because it's so jumpy! YOU DID SO GOOD! :D
#4 nice!
don't listen to "casilitoes" because they're wrong and you're right--you need a dress, not a tutu! absolutely no tutu! i would suggest going somewhere more serious because i think you have talent but the training your gettnig isn't enough. they also have taught you wrong with the counts.. you're too early on some things. good luck sweetie!
#3 Well...
I think you need to be wearing some sort of tutu because that dress your wearing completely covers your legs, which makes your lines look shorter
#2 nice
You need to get your leg higher in everything but nice turns!
#1 Try
to make the arms a bit more piercing and strong, after all this is the roll of Kitri and arms are very important. Turns were very good, though.
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