'RADAR' jazz dance

CHOREOGRAPHED/PERFORMED BY LINDSAY GRIER :::music::: 'radar'- britney spears

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#11 Great.
Not at all the right costume, but great routine!
#10 ..
even if this is not the ballet style at all, you should still have some ballet technique. Different teachers have different preferences to where their fouettes 'hit'. My studio teaches vaganova style, and we are required to 'hit' directly side.
#9 ...
oh yeah, lol andddd.... fouettes- the leg extends out to fourth ( to the 'corner')- not the front- and then ronde jambes to seconde :)
#8 ......
Also, this is not a ballet dance, it's a VERY stylized pop jazz/urban jazz routine and as such does not require a proper center outside of the skill elements
#7 thanks y'all :) <3
I sincerely appreciate any and all feedback I get, so thank y'all for caring enough to take the time to comment! :) But dancelov3r- something was bugging me lol....a tilt jump does NOT require landing with both feet simultaneously, if you don't take my word for it, check out this clip: Maybe you are thinking of a sissone, which is the first jump that I do in that sequence- sissones land in fifth both feet at the same time- WHICH I DID DO...tilt jumps do not have said requirement. If anything, most land in coupe (aka ONE foot). But I appreciate your critique all the same :)

#6 ..
ok prima...way to give the girl false critique..she's good but she obviously has a lot to work on..if you "danced for the new york city ballet ", which i doubt, you would understand that she needs to turn out her passe more and rotate completely front before extending her leg out. and what you wouldnt know as a ballet dancer is that in a tilt jump you have to land both feet on the floor at the same time. linsdey you've got a lot of potential, dont stop training!
#5 Fierce :)
You're a fierce dancer! Really like this choreo! You have awesome technique, great stylization!
#4 Great!
Awesome job! You're a lovely dancer! And PS- don't pay any mind to the comment below- your fouettes/grandes/turns are gorgeous, and you have overall beautiful technique! I danced with the NYC Ballet for ten years, and now own my own studio- I know talent when I see it :)
#3 ok
pretty good! you've got nice feet but you need some help with controlling your body and using your center in your movements. work on your technique! in ur tilt jumps make sure your legs are landing at the same time, and in your fouettes make sure u hit front before going around again. looks like ur havin fun and thats whats important, dont stop dancing! :)
#2 Hot routine!
Love this have amazing technique! And those legs and FEET! Makes for some gorgeous lines, keep doing what you do b/c it's workin!!!

#1 cool
wow this is awesome. You really are a talented dancer
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