Cryin cassy & Mackenzie

Cassy and Mackenzie improv to cryin by aerosmith. i, cassy, have been dancing for almost 10 years. my bff, mackenzie stopped after 7 years. i am the boy she is the girl. enjoy!!!!

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#5 thanks!
thanks! we really did try to make it different and like a story. the sheet was kind of a metaphor like there was a wall between us then at the end i lift it away. We tried to do the best we could with the limited space and lack of light to our faces. it was kind of awkward at the end with the hug, could you tell? we've been friends for a long time though, so it was kind of ok...
#4 ....................
its different but not in a bad way.
#3 yeah
yeah.... we didnt have much space and we couldnt get it so you could see our expressions. thats why we kind of tried to over exagerate it. Thanks though!
#2 space
can't see expressions (movement is not strong enough to get the point across) and since the space is so small your movements are very limited, nice try though....
#1 comment!
please comment people. it was my idea to record this and the sheet and plot was my idea. do you like it? do you hate it? we had no clue what the other person was doing while we were recording it. the only parts we rehearsed was when we swapped sides! this was a fun thing to do. please tell us what we can improve and what you liked. Thanks!
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