Jennifer Muccioli Lyrical Solo

Jennifer Muccioli performs her lyrical solo "Never Alone" at Access Broadway Competition.

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Overall rating: 3.7
Votes: 16
59 points


#13 Woah
I just started Lyrical Ballet myself and I was thinking of doing a routine to this song. Watching you perform it.. really made me wanna do it. It was amazing! I hope to do as well as you one day!
#12 enjoyed whatching
you're a very strong and mature dancer. And personally, I liked the hair. Great job!
#11 ~
I would have liked to see more use of the chair. Nice work In technique but it needed more emotion and feeling. There are ways to dance with your hair down and I think that you need to learn how to do that or tie yours back. Nice work though keep up the good work.
#10 Awesome!!
Vewy well performed. :) I miss Access Broadway. We never go there anymore. Idk y. good job though!!
#9 awesome!
awesome! i loved it....i do this competition and it is soo much fun! haha you are incredible! keep up the good work!!! =]

#8 Great Job
I always love this song. The song is so powerful and you did awesome. As for your hair. At times it worked and at times it didnt. Maybe put part of it up and see how that works. But wearing your hair down in lyrical to let you be free is a good thing though
#7 uh...
ok i liked the song a lot and the dancing was ok but your hair covered youre face! so i hardly saw emotion anywhere! youre good just tie your hair back!
#6 That was so much fun to watch!
That was a very interesting and fun piece to watch. I loved how much emotion Jen put into the dance. I'm sure that it took a lot of time and effort to not only learn but put feeling into it too. Putting forth 100% effort really showed in this peice.
#5 What a fabulous dance and dancer!
Jen is absolutely amazing in this video. She puts everything into every move, and performs each step with absolute precision. I loved watching it three times already, and will do so again!
#4 Future Star of the Month
Wow!, great technique and spirit to match. Love the choreography and fire in this dancer. Commanding the whole stage, she exhibits all the moves to become a star. What a way to end the dance, with an exclamation point.

#3 Great competition piece!
Love the music but love the dancer more. Great work and emotion put into this performance. What a great dancer for sure. I'm giving it a 5 hoping that a 5 is the highest.
#2 ?
Is your hair part of the coreography? What happened to clean hair so we can see the face and not whipping around all the time....
#1 Future Star of the Month
Good solo and nice technique ... I don't compete a lot, but I hear this is a good competition
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