Taking the Fifth

Choreographed by Kira Seamon and performed by Elliauna Madsen and others at the Choreographic Conference in July '09. Music includes excerpts from Beethoven's Symphony #5. This highly popular dance was a spoof of 2 couples. There is a "friendly couple" and a "fighting couple". There is an ending that surprises everyone. The performance garnered many wonderful comments from the Conference participants.

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#1 Thank you!
Thanks to all my dancers for investing themselves in my choreography and making it their own! I know I loved working with you all and choreographing this was a blast!! Elli, I love your energy and fearlessness, and Cory, I love your spunk and the way you slay Ross with one swipe! Steven, thanks for your supportive partnering and great pratfall and Ross, I loved your dancing in all of my pieces, (even if you can't keep a straight face during my choreography!) Great job, everyone :)
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