Neeve MacGregor dances a lyrical tap number by Sean C. Fielder

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Event: Dance Spirit Future Star of the Month
Category: Tap
Keywords: Neeve rhythm tap Apologize Fielder
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Neeve, your musicality is wonderful. Congratulations!
#10 Sorry
Don't start with your back to the audience, unless there is something of interest on the back of the costume, which there isn't. Dance doesn't hold interest-it's too hard to watch it all the way through to the end. Moves don't reflect the song's lyrics or rhythm. Add emotion. Dancer doesn't seem to care about connecting with the audience.
#9 choreography for Neeve
It's so hard to tapdance to a slow tune. Kudos to Neeve. Hope she wins!!
I love the choreography and you really did wonderful job!
#7 Go Neeve!
This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

#6 For those that commented that they only
For some reason when this video uploaded somthing strange happened - if you click to watch it the first time you get only ten seconds - if you click on it again you see the dance in its entirety. Hope this helps!
#5 I Only Saw
i only saw like 7 seconds of the dance! What happened?
#4 Go NEEVE!
AWESOME JOB NEEVE!! you rocked it! <3-Demi
#3 great job neeve!
good luck from all of us at neda!
#2 Wonderful
Wish I could dance half that well!

#1 Apologize shines!
Beautiful rhythms - well danced!
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