Come Down to Me-Holly Beth Nichols

Katy Kress Dance Revolution Double Platinum Showstopper 2009 Choreography by Katy Kress

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Event: Dance Spirit Video of the Month
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Overall rating: 4.7
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#16 Stunning
Brought tears to my eyes,,,you are precious
#15 AMAZING!!!!
I could watch you dance over and over and still be amazed everytime. You dance with your heart and it shows through your eyes and movements. You are an amazing dancer and person. Love You!!!! Ms. Lisa
#14 Great
really really good young lady
#13 WoW !! Enjoyed this
Hey, great performance. I enjoyed watching this young lady dance. She has a sweetness about her that is refreshing.
I don't know much about dancing, but little girl you are amazing...thanks for sharing this

#11 wonderful
I always knew that you would do great things in dancing. Remember keep GOD first and every thing will fall in place..... Shardy
#10 Amazed
This is absolutely amazing. You are so talented for your age.
#9 PERFECTION!!!!!!!
Mia Michaels is an overrated hack compared to the brillance of this dance. Keep your feet on the ground but keep reaching for the stars because if you shoot for the moon and happen miss, you will still be amongst the stars. Go VHS!!!
#8 Beautiful!!
This performance makes me cry a little. Very beautiful!!
#7 Great Job Holly Beth
You are a fantastic dancer with such grace and poise. You've grown up so much since I've seen you last. Great job and such wonderful dancing. Congratulations!!

#6 woo hoo HB!
yay holly! this is beautiful!
#5 incredible performance!
What an amazing dancer! This routine gives me chills!!
#4 Lovely!
I am in awe of the beauty of her performance!
#3 WOW
Very strong dancer and wonderful technique. Love your turns and the flip...good luck in your future
#2 Beautiful
Absolutely amazing little dancer

What a powerful & emotional dancer! She has a brilliant future in the dance industry
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