The title of my video is "Tango Intervention". In this video me and my friend Andrea Katz dance Argentine Tango in the streets of Manhattan. The intention was to interrupt "business as usual", the phrase you hear a lot these days in the media about our failed financial institutions. It is about reclaiming public space with beautiful acts of intimacy. It involves dancing where dancing is not expected. In the public street environment this acts as a gentle intervention, a short interruption in the normal business of life. It confuses and amuses people and generally leaves them with a smile. The inspiration for sending the video was watching an episode on ABC's Dancing With The Stars. Unlike ballroom dancing or dance on a stage, Argentine Tango is not “performed” to be seen. It is danced only for the pleasure of the dancers. The dance is not choreographed to “play to the crowd" Jochem (Jay) Schmidt

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