Alys Shee's Italian Fouettes for La Bayadere

13 year old Alys Shee doing her Italian Fouettes for La Bayadere.

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#23 Good
really good just work on your arms. AMAZING! :)
#22 WOW
im really jealous..............
#21 wow!
u go girl! keep dancing! woo hooo!
#20 You are beautifull!
You are such a gorgiouse dancer! Keep going!
#19 superb
I too noticed she was quite slim but i think it look natural for her build. anyways more importantly you are an amazing dancer you will be a professional no problem. keep up the good work.!

#18 argentina
#17 Youtube
She has other vids on youtube i think she is a crazy strong dancer especially for like her tiny frame.
#16 Incredible
This is unbelievable! I would love to see more videos of such a talented young dancer. Just remember that it's not always about the tricks, even if they are really exciting. :)
#15 Beautiful!
You are awesome! You could definately go far! And Lissbirds, fyi some girls are just natrually thin. That doesn't mean that they aren't healthy. It really bugs me when people act like just because someone is thin she isn't healthy.
#14 im so jelous!!!
that was incredible!!!!!

#13 how long???
Dang girl how long have you been on pointe? Cause your the bomb. I sure if you wanted to be a professional you could. Keep on working hard!!!
#12 Why she's successful
she is successful because in her Italian Fuottes, she is fully aware of where her pelvis is facing and where she has to get it for the next fuotte. Those are pure strength turns! you can't fake those! Nice job girlie:-) XOXOX -RaeBallerina
#11 AMAZING!!!
dang girl are you drinking some magic potion or something cuz if you are i'd like some!! oh and what kind of pointe shoes do u have?
#10 Future Star
keep on! You are great and practice makes prefect!
#9 Good job!
You have nice fouettes, keep on working and we'll hear a lot from you

#8 Incredible!!
you did a fantastic job! you have some serious talent and potential!!
#7 WOW
WOW amazing and 13
That is awesome...I'm 15..and cannot do that. But i'm working on it! Ur inspirational!
#5 Great
dang! i'm so jealous! beautiful!
#4 Some tips
you are beautiful! just one small tip: when you are doing your fouettes to the side, point your foot a little bit more and stretch your leg a little, then they'll be perfect! :) you are going to be able to go a long way! your dancing is beautiful!

#3 Aly
Beautiful dancing! You make it look so easy! You also look very healthy and fit, not too thin. By the way, this is coming from a Registered Nurse :)
#2 Nice Studio
Hey Alys! It's Joy... that's a nice studio, where is it?
#1 Too thin
I'm sorry, but this girl is way too thin. Her arms look like skin and bones. She should seriously consider putting on some weight and taking it easy if she needs to. Health should come first, especially if you want to continue dancing for the rest of your life.
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