A Dance Video filmed in my home town! Dance is music made visible!

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#9 sara b.
working it everywhere you go, from co. dance, to nicki minaj! love you!<3
#8 haha
ok I've watched this vid literally 8-9 times, and i live it every time...awesome!!
#7 omg
#6 amazing!!
this is so inspiring! It makes me want dance even more...i love it! great job!
#5 Amazing!
I love this video its absolutly inspiring :D

#4 Loved it!
Thats completely awesome! it could practically be a music video. You had to have put so much time into that. great job (:
#3 beautiful
You have beautiful lines!!!:) and really nice pointe work:)
#2 it was really cool
the dancing in the street is just like me when I get out of a class! C: your a really food dancer.
#1 Awesome!
Great job Sara!
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