Baby Sister

Amanda(16 yrs old) and Andrea (13 yrs old) Sanchez are sisters that have been dancing together since the age of four. Their passion for dance and their love for each other make every routine they dance unforgetable to the audience. They both have a strong background in Ballet but enjoy dancing all styles of dance like contemporary, modern, lyrical and jazz.

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#10 Baby Sister
Loved it! Thank you for sharing your gifts.
#9 sisters
you two girls dance so well. like one. i love it.
#8 Baby Sister
You girls are so talented and so beautiful!!! It's a pleasure to watch, keep up the good work :)
#7 Baby Sister
Very well done! WON super!
#6 Baby Sister
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

#5 baby sisters
#4 Sisters
Tender, graceful, powerful and sweet, WOW!
#3 Sisters
Great Job! Thank you both for that great performance.
#2 Sisters
Wow beautiful dancers great technique and stage presences ! thank you for that great performance.
#1 well choreographed and danced
Thanks for this entertaining and well-executed performance!
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