Learn Yollet Technique

Tighten and tone with LB Kass' yoga-inspired ballet program. For more, see the July/August 2009 issue of Dance Spirit.

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#7 The Instructor is even cooler than the n
My daughter has gone to this yollet class and loves it. But even more impressive then the very cool name of this technique, and wonderful workout it provides is the instructor. My daughter is in awe of Ms. Lauren (LB KASS), her enthusiam to teach and her motivation is contagious! I encourage everyone to try this new workout and especially if you get the chance to join one of Lauren's classes -- she ensures everyone feels welcome and ensures a great time is had by all.
Wow - what a great new way to workout. Love this class. Please find a way to try it out!
#5 yollet
I highly recommend this type of workout for everyone. You get the balance and core strength from the yoga and you feel the grace of movement from the ballet. Wonderful class..
#4 Yollet
LB Kass held a class at my school. All of the teachers agreed that Yollet was a great workout and a fabulous way to relieve stress. The staff couldn't wait for the next class!
#3 Yollet
As a personal trainer i would reccomend this workout to anyone at any age

#2 Yollet
The Yollet Technique is a beautiful pairing of two gorgeous art forms. The combination of cardio and toning while learning dance and having fun provides a stimulating, productive work out! Never a disappointment!
#1 yollet
i take this class and the yollet technique is a great workout for core and balance and toning. fun, too!
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