What's Love Got To Do With It

Victoria Caffey performing Katie Thompson's version of "What's Love Got To Do With It". Choreography by Michelle Stafford. Hope you enjoy the performance.

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Overall rating: 4.6
Votes: 123
563 points


#29 Beautiful
ther is something organic about your dancing, beautiful job
#28 Victoria
Good job Victoria! And good job Mrs.Michelle! GO NSD!!!!!!!!!!!!
#27 Superb dancin!
What else is there to say?
#26 victoria
hey babygirl, you are my absolute fav...hope you get the thingy
Star quality Victoria shining bright as usual. Best of luck to you.

#24 get it girl
Vickylou you are so amazing. Keep dancing just for me.I love you, sereously.
hey vic,you are awesome,fabuoso,terrific,fantastic,beautiful...
Victoria!!! You look amazing. Keep it up and we will see you in the company of your dreams!
#21 hey victoria
nice work, good job
#20 delightful
I love the gracefulness of your dance, yet it has strong movements as well. Love it!

#19 ......
you gutta reallyy work on your armss hun :P
#18 love you
Video doesn't do you justice sweetie. People who see you on stage in person know just how powerful of a dancer you really are! Merde!!!
#17 Nice Performance
You have a unique talent. I see a feel and passion for the choreography and music, not just going through the steps like a lot of dancers.
#16 Way to go
Victoria, this is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#15 The Best
Hey girl this is great! Always knew you were good and this really shows how good you are.

Fabulous everything about your dance. Keep dancin!
#13 all i have to say is.......
yu make me wanna push myself alot harder... im 14 and ive been dancein since i was 2... this is so beuatiful....i almost cried,... i wud like to see more from u.. or even see yur appearance on so yu think u can dance///
#12 baby bekah
Hey girl you are looking good. Tell your sis hello for me.
your my inspiration
#10 FAV
You are my favorite. Loving this dance, good job. Need stronger arms in some areas though.

What the heck, who makes ugly comments on the dancers!!! Jeleous? Get a life. This girl and the others are amazing!
#8 love you
I love watching you at competition. You are always a winner. I love YOU!
Way to go girl, love you!
#6 awesome
you are terrific and fun to watch!
#5 nice
This is a really nice lyrical. The song is great and so is the inpretation.

#4 awesome
really like this, pretty dress.
#3 WOW
You are beautiful!
You are awesome. Beautifully executed dance. You have a nice style just watch your arm placement a bit.
This is well done. Felt your emotion and movement.
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