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These girls are performing from CK Danceworks Studio in Acworth GA and are future hall of famers. They rock the stage everytime they perform!!!

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#5 Totally Fabulous!
As an aspiring dancer, I think these girls have all the qualities of great dancers! They have personality, flexability (I spelled it correctly), rhythm and lots of emotion. You can really tell they love what they are doing. As far as their costumes - they are adorable - what are they 8 or 9 years old? I feel quite certain they wear much less in a bathing suit at the pool. I think these girls rock! Keep up the great work!
#4 Wow.
Wow. These girls are very good, but they are WAY to young to be dancing like that and wearing belly shirts. Girls this young should be taught to be modest so they are modest when they are older. Also, dancing is not ALL about flexebility and tricks. It takes more than just flexebility to be a dancer, which is all these girls seem to have. It takes artistry and emotion.
#3 cute costumes!
they are very cute! on some things they are a little off, but not bad. what did they when? and what is the name of this song?
#2 Too Cute!!! :)
How old are these girls! They are absolutly amazing no matter how old they are! You should think about also putting them into the future star of the month! Great job girls!!!
#1 tutu cute
These girls are great! I am so proud of them...can't wait to see the progress on this next year!
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