choreography by Lane

This is a short piece choreographed for a composition class final showing at Marymount Manhattan College in NYC. sorry the beginning's a little messed up...

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Category: Performance
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#3 response
yes, the girl dancing choreographed and I put in my little input here and there, but it's her choreography. As far as category, I was just letting you know who choreographed it, but I really entered it for the dancing...
#2 Video Category
I think you entered this in the wrong category - should have been in a dance category and this is the video. I gave you a 5 for original coreography - so I hope the judges take that into consideration!
#1 Who coreographed?
Did you guys coreograph this? This video impressed me the most out of all so far! And your comment " This is a short piece choreographed for a composition class final...sorry the beginning's a little messed up..." shows how humble you are! Loved it!
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