Diamond Caper - Movement 1

The Hope Diamond is a large (45.52 carat), deep blue, diamond legendary for the curse it supposedly puts on whoever possesses it. The Hope Diamond appears to be a brilliant blue to the naked eye because of the trace amounts of boron within the diamond. The dimaond was first found by French merchant-traveler Jean-Baptiste Tavernier who sold the diamond to King Louis XIV of France. When Louis XVI of France became king, he gave the diamond in a pendant to Marie Antoinette to add to her collection of jewelry. During the French Revolution, while Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were held in prison, the pendant with the diamond was stolen on September 11,1792. There is no record of what had happened for the next twenty years. This movement portrays the Hope Diamond's appearance in the French court.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition
Category: Performance
Keywords: CBTB, Covenant Ballet Theatre, Diamond Caper, Modern, Performance, Concert
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Overall rating: 4.7
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#24 Diamond Caper
Just beautiful!
#23 Diamond Caper
#22 CBTB
Ms. Marla's choreography is so fantastic. I LOVE this piece. Definitely one of my favorites of all time. It's so hilarious and well done.
#21 For All to Enjoy!
this is a phenomenal piece! men, women and children all become entranced by the exceptional choreography telling the story! LOVE IT!
#20 Wonderful Performance
The choreography is like Paul Taylor, Alvin Ailey and the contemporary dances in NYC Ballet and ABT!

#19 Diamond Caper
What a gem!!!
#18 CBTB
I love this company. Quality dancers! Quality productions!
#17 CBTB
#16 Diamond Caper
I've seen this dance twice and loved it. One of my favorite CBTB performances ever!
#15 CBTB Diamond Caper
Intriguing and Thrilling!

DELIGHTFUL, ENTERTAINING AND EXCITING choreography!!! Extremely clever and well-done! Great job CBTB!
#13 CBTB
Excellent choreography!
#12 So creative and so much fun!
Hats off to CBTB!
#11 Diamond Caper
Wonderful and such inventive and fun choreography. I wish more dance pieces were like this: containing an great subject matter that is actually captured and portrayed through the movement. Terrific!!
#10 Diamond Caper
I loved it every time I watched it!

#9 Thrilling Performance!!
I sat and watched from the third row as if I were witnessing a robbery. By the end, they stole my breath, my heart, and my appreciation. The performance was brilliantly criminal!!! I loved it!
Excellent! Brilliant!
What a refreshing performance. The music and dance playfully tell a story about an ironic iconic diamond. So fun to watch. Hope to see more like this from you!!

#3 diamond camper
clever story telling
CBTB is really great!!
CBTB is amazing! :-)
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