Charlotte & Becky turning

Charlotte & Becky turning

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#8 Try. . .
Keep your upper body connected to your lower body. especially the first girl. your back moved separately from your legs. that makes for messy multiple turns later. Both of you need to keep your bottom legs straight as you're turning. hold your arms from your back! Good job girls!!
#7 corrections
1.your arm position is just sitting there it needs to go second first second first and so on. to make your body even. your arms were sloppy the first person that came. your arms are bounicing to get that releve thats a big no no. lol. thats a very bad habbit.you need to spot stronger and really snap that head. one good thing #1 your prep was beautiful!! yay! okay work these corrections 1 and 2. and 2 take all these corrections that all these people are giving you and take them seriously .work!!!
#6 not the best. ZZzzzzzzzz
you both have to work on turn out and make sure to keep your supporting leg straight
#5 ..
turnout needs work but good skill. lot of potential
#4 ok...
u need to work on your turnout.

#3 okay, good though
use your arms much more and try not to pique onto a bent knee. the only knee that should bend is the one in passe
#2 Okay
I agree with using your hands more and I also think that you should add some more on to the dance. it was a bit short.
#1 Suggestion
Try and use your arms in the turns, don't just keep them in first position (it will help with the rotation of the turn)
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