Pressed Up Against/Suspended Strands of US

Choreography by Peter Chu.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition
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Keywords: Peter Chu choreography chuthis. Bunker Dance Center Kingwood Jazz & Co.
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Overall rating: 4.6
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#26 wow!!
such an honor to be able to work with him...VOTE FOR HIM!!!
#24 Peter Chu - Wow!
Peter is an amazing choreographer unlike any other. He is a truly humble genius whose love of dance shines through in all his work.
#23 Peter Chu is amazing!
I have been honored to work with Peter over the last four years at my studio and am continually in awe of his innovation, intrepretation and love of movement. Peter is truly one of the few choreographers working today who are redefining dance. Most top choreographers currently working are or have been influenced by Peter. Peter Chu deserves this award more than anyone! Peter is truly an amazing choreographer and person!!! Kathy Bunker Owner/Artistic Director Bunker Dance Center
#22 Vote for Peter!
He is amazing and is great to work with. He's very inspiring. VOTE!

#21 Peter Chu
Kingwood Jazz & Co loves Peter Chu. He is talented and we are always blown away by his work
#20 Innovative
There is truth as well as innovation to Chu's work. There is a fearlessness present. You can clearly see that there is no hesitation or doubt to his choreographic process. What a joy to watch!
#19 Awesome!
Creative excellence! I'm voting for him!
#18 Peter Chu
Awesome CHU CHU has done it again...BRAVO!!! And WOW what excellent feeling of movement shared by the dancers precise input! Thank you, plus the musice was inspiring as ever!!!
#17 awesome choreography!!!
i really loved the music in both pieces, the first one was really cool and interesting with the running and the black wall in the background, and the second piece was very unique with the hair! Peter is my cousin, and he inspires me to do great things and be the best i can be whenever i'm near him! i really hope he wins because he sure does deserve it. ttfn!

#16 Vote for Peter Chu
Peter Chu is AMAZING! I am so honored to know him! Please vote for him. He really really deserves this.
Peter is an amazing talent! Love his work!
#14 Vote Vote Vote
RATED HIM A 5!!! he has some truly brilliant and amazing workkkkkk
#12 VOTE!
Trying to vote for him, but I don't know where/how to!!!!!! Soooo excited for you Peter!

#11 Beautiful
Peter's artistic expression is absolutely beautiful. Brings you to tears....
#10 Vote For Peter!!!
Every piece that I have ever seen by Peter Chu is pure creative genius! You can feel his heart and soul in everything he does... and his ability to provoke such intensity from his dancers is proof of his extaordinary choreographic talent!
The movementhe creates is FLAWLESS. The focus and intensity put into his work in incredible! Peter Chu definitely deserves this!
...Ok... absolutely BRILLIANT....!
Absolutely brillant...

#6 Vote for Peter
This dance moves me everytime I see it. It is phenomenal, you cannot walk away from this untouched!
#5 Peter chu is the bomb!
Peter Chu is hands down a genius! He deserves this maore than anyone. He's an amazing person too!!
#4 Peter Chu Rocks!
Peter deserves this grant! Vote for him! Love your family at the Houston Met!!!
#3 Vote for Peter!
Peter is amazing and so inspiring. he really deserves this.
#2 vote for peter!
he is absolutely brilliant and unlike any other. he definitely deserves it.

He's incredible. He puts his whole heart into everything he does.
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