Beating Becky

Becky dancing

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Overall rating: 2.2
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#6 Nice feet and legs!
Nice feet and legs! hold your arms from your back, don't look at the floor and use your epaulment. Thats what finishes and polishes. very nice feet and legs though :-)
#5 uhhhh
um your arms were completely dead when ever you were making a transition to another move... work on it
#4 uninteresting
this piece could have been lively and light like a dancing fairy or something but you really should practice shading with your head and upper body and make more facial expressions! Make it fun! Have fun no matter what you are dancing and make it show!
#3 No feeling.
You're so precise. There was no feeling at all. I know that's probably not a piece you want to 'feel', but you should still try. All I saw was 'boring'. Dancing is about precision, but it's also theatre. Lighten up.
#2 good
your always keeping a straight neck and keeping your head up.

#1 turn out
you really want to turn out when you land in the beginning
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