Phantom Of The Opera

Carnival NYC Choreographer: Shyrelle Kalilikane

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition
Category: Performance
Keywords: Phantom Of The Opera Shyrelle Kalilikane Carnival NYC
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Overall rating: 3.8
Votes: 42
158 points


#11 Low rating is mean!
This is such a creative, well danced piece! I can't believe the low raters. I'm sick of seeing the same ol'-this is seriously rocks!
#10 ty!
for all the <3 :)
#9 phantom of the opera!
how inventive! love the drama
good job
#7 beautiful
so captivating!

#6 Great Work
Great work Shyrelle... rocks !!!
#5 nice
I don't know much about dancing, but in my uneducated dance opinion this was the most entertaining routine. I loved the music and it kept me wanting more. The dance moves were great. Good job.
#4 Lizzy5678
I also like the masks. They remind me of my childhood with the animals at the zoo. I miss those days with you in Hawaii. I also like Mishay because she used to have a mask as well. She was a gopher.
#3 Lizzy5678
Lizzy5678 loves this dancing video! What a great routine. I wish that there was more blacklight, but overall I think this is worth a fierce five on the Richter Scale for dancing.
#2 YES!!!!
You are just too FIERCE for ME!!!! LOVED IT!!!! You better WERK!!!! Muah!!!!

#1 phantom
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