Flower Soloist

Nutcracker 2006 Age 16 (sorry about the bad video quality)

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#4 beautiful
I love your epaulment and arms--you make the beginning section look exciting even though the choreography is slow. Very clean technique. Careful not to flail your arms on your italian fouettes. Check out my dewdrop videos too! :) I'd love to hear feedback from you based on your experience.
#3 Very Pretty!
I like it!!! it was very well danced!!!
#2 Graceful
this was beautiful!! it flowed very nicely. but i would have to agree with the comment about the pique turns!
#1 pique turns
you are beautiful! the only thing i want to comment on is when you are doing the pique turns, your leg in passe is turned in. if you just fix that on future performance, you'll be great! thanks for posting!
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