a choreographic workshop in italy. choreography by joshua pelatzky. usually use less people but anyone was aloud to sign up. music by sigur ros

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition
Category: General
Keywords: joshua pelatzky
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#3 Stunning
I have taken Josh's class and have seen his work LIVE. It is stunning, exciting, beautiful, fun, creative, musical, accessible... I cannot think of a better person who deserves an opportunity to have the means to choreograph on a consistent basis for a company of dancers. GO JOSH!
#2 Lizzy5678
I love this dance. I especially like the costuming, if you know what I am referencing. I enjoy seeing your muscles in motion. Beautiful work Mishay. I am so proud to know you. Also, good job Joshua. I remember when we were just little children on the playground. We spent so many good days together. Oh the afternoons of youth. Good job on the stage.
#1 excellent
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