Siegfried II, or Ballet Boys: Lucky Plush does Swan Lake

Lucky Plush Productions (LPP), known for their distinct blend of contemporary dance with physical theater and visual design, marks their 10th Anniversary with “Punk Yankees.” This 10-month effort combines live performance, video and the internet for an intriguing and entertaining exploration of intellectual property and the value of dance. In conjunction with “Punk Yankees,” LPP developed the website StealThisDance.com, (a play on Abbie Hoffman's “Steal this Book”) to stimulate discussion and interaction about intellectual property and the value of dance. The website is the outgrowth of initial research by Rhoads begun this past December, thanks to a choreographic fellowship from the Maggie Alessee National Center for Choreography (MANCC). It contains sections where visitors can “Steal,” “Buy,” or “Share” choreography. This video segment, "Siegfried II, or Ballet Boys," is performed by Julia Rhoads & Asimina Chremos with footage from the Bolshoi Ballet's Swan Lake. It was filmed & edited by Jocelyn Kelvin, and is one of the many video segments viewable at StealThisDance.com. For more information about “Punk Yankees,” Lucky Plush Productions and the June and October live performances, visit www.StealThisDance.com and www.luckyplush.com.

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#1 Ballet Boys
This really made me think. As is the case for most of us when watching ballet we're so focused on the ballerina we aren't really aware of what the danseur is doing. I think anyone who watches this will never watch a performance the same way again...and I'm expecting it may have some impact on performancers too.
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