DAVID MANN presents Inner Monologue

This an inspirational tap routine that takes the audience on a brief journey through one man's introspective view of his trials and tribulations that inevitably led him back to God.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition
Category: Performance
Keywords: tap, david mann, inner monologue,
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Overall rating: 4.8
Votes: 357
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#49 Great work David!
I love how you are sharing the message of your journey. It''s so wonderful to see you pouring your heart & soul back into your work & it's really paying off! I hope great things keep coming your way because you deserve it.
#48 I m a witness
Awesome david!!!!
#47 David
“Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm.” Your personal witness is such an inspiration- especially to the one who walks beside you on your faith journey. Your humbleness before God is one of the many reasons why I love you. Great job dancers :)
#46 Wow!
Well done D Mann!!!
#45 inner monologue

#44 wowzerzzzzz!!!!!
omg becky this dance is incredible. i soooo wish i danced here!!!! I might quit MY crappy studio and come to the FFDS!!! ran by THE Mann's!!!!! thats supercalifragilisticexpyalidotious!!!!! i hope my mom will let me leave my expensive studio and come to this low price, amazing,artistic,thoughtful, family owned with love STUDIO!!!!!!! -a dancer
#43 Inner Monologue
Inner Monologue is soooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!! David did an amazing job on this dance!!! The best part about this dance is that it tells his very own tesimony!!! Great job David!!! Keep up the great work!!!!
#42 Inner Monologue
this dance is soooooooooo amazing!!! there is proof!!!
#41 Inner Monologue
I saw this live and it was absolutely amazing.
#40 Inner Monologue
Excellent! five stars. :-)

#39 Inner Monologue
David, you are out of control! You never cease to amaze me.
#38 Ineer Monologue
Very moving dance!
#37 Inner Monologue
Great Job David!
#36 innermonologue
#35 inner monologue
Well done David and dancers!!!

#34 David
Beautiful choreography and concept from a beautiful heart. How thankful I am for you-every day in every way.
#33 inner monologue
excellent work as usual...congratulations
#32 wow!!
This was awesome!!!
#31 Inner Monologue
This makes me cry & praise my Lord. Thank you!!!
#30 Speechless!!!
I ve watched this video at least 5 times, The part where they look up to heaven gives me chills each time. I ve also turn the volume up real loud so i can hear every word and get the full effect.

#29 Amazing!!
I had the pleasure to judge this in competition this year, and was blown away!! <3
#28 inner monologue
Totally "tap minded" fantastic
#27 This is original!!!
Loved it. Wish that their top shirts weren't distracting through the beginning, but loved it!!!
#26 david mann
simply brilliant!!!
#25 Inner Monologue
This piece is awesome!! There is no doubt that piece touches everyone in some way!! Great Job!!!

#24 inner monologue
Great job!!!
#23 inner monologue
Touching. This is actually the choreographers own voice and his own personal story which to me makes this piece so unique.
#22 Inner Monologue
Bravo! Lovely to watch. Very talented group.
#21 LOVE!!
Loved this piece when we saw it live and loved it when I saw it again!! It never gets old! Great work David!
#20 inner monologue
had the pleasure of seeing this live. Very moving.

#19 WoW!!!
Simply amazing.With all the contempoary work in this competition its great to see the tap world represented and represented well. Well done David Mann.
#18 Inner Monologue
Beautiful dance. This is a good represntation of Mr. Davids work. He has so much talent and this dance combines that talent and emotion. In a competition, the whole audience is moved by this... not just his dance company.
#17 Inner Monologue
In our culture today what a daring, spiritual and amazing number! Incredible talent from choreographer & dancers!
#16 inner monologue
Who would have thought, a moving and inspirational tap piece. Definately one of the most original works I have ever seen!
#15 Inner Monologue
This dance is amazing and very powerful!

#14 Inner Monologue
I love this dance!
#13 Great Job!
I had the pleasure of seeing this in person, which is even more moving then the video! Sent chills up and down me!
#12 Yes!!!!!
LOve Love Love It!!!
#11 Inner Monologue
Perfect score!!! :) Awesome job you guys!!!
#10 Inner Monologue
Love the performance and very moving! Thank you David for producing such a dramatic and moving dance.

#9 Mr David
#8 Inner Monologue
VERY cool.....nice work!
#7 Inner Monolugue
Wow!! Gave me chills..... it takes real talent to set one's inner thoughts to tap... congratulations!
#6 Inner Monologue
I found myself watching this video over and over and over again...it seems to grow more powerful each time!
#5 inner monologue
This dance is soooo moving and inspirational!

#4 Inner Monologue
absolutly amazingg!!
#3 Inner Monologue
Simple. Brilliant. Simply Brilliant and amazingly danced!
#2 Inner Monologue
Awesome job!!
#1 Inner Monologue
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