Grand Pas Classique

Grand pas classique. this is just at rehearsal and is not very good... :P

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#14 wow!
ok consvetlana over there at comment #4 that was SO uncalled for! She is obviously young! And now to you, young ballerina...I absolutely could not have even come close to doing it as well as you did but I would work on rolling through your shoes more! but wow you have great turn out and great control and a very pretty and relaxed upper body. and my gosh that bit before the couppes at the end is incredibly hard yet you did it with ease! good luck and keep working hard =)
#13 good job!!
this is a really hard variation and im surprised by how well you did it, especially for someone so young! just try to get all the way over your shoes on pointe, and not to sickle your working leg's foot. but other than that, great job!!
#12 ok...
I think you need to arch your feet a little more when you go up, but otherwise that was awesome. I probably couldn't do that... :)
#11 tutu
oh and beautiful tutu!!!
#10 awesome
this is a very difficult variation and u did a great job...might wanna get over your shoes more at times but it was great...SMILE! :)

#9 that was....
that was great.keep working and make it a littler more neat at the first part
#8 this little girl is.......
awesome,,,, i mean i've been taking pointe for one whole year and i am very good for that time period... me and her both know pointe is not easy and she makes it look so flawless.... super duper job,,,, keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#7 What age is she?
This is a very difficult variation for this young girl. She does it quite well. But could someone break in her pointe shoes, and work on those feet. More spark and energy would be nice also. I think comment #4 is nasty. She has had very fine training, except for her feet. If only more young dancers could have this control.
WOW! This was great. Try to keep your balance steady enough to turn. Keep practicing!
#5 Pretty
Lovely turns and kicks...Work on the part after the turns at the end. You might want to put mmore emotion into this dance. Good Luck

#4 I think you need to find a better ballet
I think you need to find a better ballet teacher. Only Russians can do ballet!!!!!
You absolutely rock!! You deserve a 5.0 and to win!!! Keep working hard!!
#2 cool
You should practice a little more but I loved the turns. This was beautiful!!!
#1 great!
good job...smile, though!
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